Sunday, 7 January 2018

Delta International Petroleum Services (DIPS) Oil & Gas Job Vacancies in Abu Dhabi

Electrical ACPT Technician, Electrical CC Sr. Technician, Mechanical CC Sr. Technician Mechanical CC Technician Plant Operator,  ACPT Operator,  Instrument SAT & WHPT Sr. Technician  Antenna Rigger,  Instrument SAT & WHPT Technician  Instrument CC Sr. Technician Instrument Sr. Technician-F&G Radio Operator, Telecom System Sr. Technician Emergency Response Commander  Fire & Safety Officer, Fire & Safety Assistant Technician  Fire & Safety Technician Mechanical SAT & WHPT Sr. Technician Wire line Specialist, WHPT Sr.Operator, Fabricator,  HVAC Technician, Mape Cranes Technician Mapes Crane Sr. Technician Rigger, Fabrication Foreman, Welder, Crane Operator
Delta International Petroleum Services (DIPS) Oil & Gas Job Vacancies in Abu Dhabi

Delta International Petroleum Services (DIPS) Oil & Gas Job Vacancies

DIPS have the following requirements with Oil and Gas Industries in Abu Dhabi . Candidates with Oil and Gas experience, please forward updated CV to 
  1. Electrical ACPT Technician    
  2. Electrical CC Sr. Technician    
  3. Mechanical CC Sr. Technician    
  4. Mechanical CC Technician    
  5. Plant Operator      
  6. ACPT Operator      
  7. Instrument SAT & WHPT Sr. Technician   
  8. Antenna Rigger      
  9. Instrument SAT & WHPT Technician   
  10. Instrument CC Sr. Technician    
  11. Instrument Sr. Technician-F&G    
  12. Radio Operator     
  13. Telecom System Sr. Technician    
  14. Emergency Response Commander   
  15. Fire & Safety Officer     
  16. Fire & Safety Assistant Technician   
  17. Fire & Safety Technician    
  18. Mechanical SAT & WHPT Sr. Technician  
  19. Wire line Specialist     
  20. WHPT Sr.Operator     
  21. Fabricator      
  22. HVAC Technician     
  23. Mape Cranes Technician    
  24. Mapes Crane Sr. Technician    
  25. Rigger       
  26. Fabrication Foreman     
  27. Welder       
  28. Crane Operator     
  29. Scaffolding inspector     
  30. Electrical Engineer

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